[Octagonal ‘E’ Insert Logo], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. 2nd series 100oz ingot in Australian variation. OZ.] [100 T.OZ]  [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [999+FINE SILVER]  [Serial Number]. It may be found six entries below this variety. Most Engelhard 1-ounce silver bars have serial numbers (two do not, but are otherwise identical to other bars). Discovered in March, 2016 by RC.

9th series in ‘P’ serial prefix variation, most of these bars were originally issued in the Engelhard plastic ‘Flag’ wrapper. 1st series in 6-digit serial variation, three zero suffix on weight designation and letter ‘X’ serial prefix anomaly. The example pictured demonstrates a fine frosted reverse. Occasionally observed in serial placement error as seen on bar PA83079, also pictured. 8th series in ‘P’ serial prefix with occasional ‘C’ and ‘S’ serial prefix variations, first fully machined 100oz ‘bar’ variety. [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [1 TROY OZ.] Engelhard Commercial Bar | Large ‘E’ Logo. This variety has 6 numeric characters in the serial number [e.g. Similar to our example, above, though this ingot demonstrates a unique error on the weight class stamp. This page contains our current information on 1oz Engelhard silver bars and Legacy Ingots. Believed to be gifts for Engelhard Employees. Note very few early 7-digit serial variety were produced in ‘C’ prefix, also pictured. [Wide ‘E’ Centered in Globe Logo]  [1 TROY OZ. [Custom IMPEX Hallmark] [1 TROY OZ.] [9 99+]  [FINE SILVER]  [100 TR. troy SILVER 999 fine]  [Serial Number]. PB000000 rather than PB00000]. These ingots carry a more refined casting finish and crisper stampings. DISCLAIMER: The information represented on this website is based on continually developing data sourced through collectors, online sale platforms and industry resources. Ingot C0000375 sold privately on September 21, 2018 for $4,200.00. [.999 FINE SILVER], [Custom L Hallmark in Box] [IMPEX METALS CORPORATION][THE SILVER SPECIALISTS].

Produced in 1986. The reverse is blank without border and the obverse was changed slightly [1 TROY OUNCE] was centered and the Maple Leaf Logo was redesigned on some examples. Note that the Engelhard logo is slightly different than on other varieties.

[Wide ‘E’ Centered in Globe Logo]  [1 TROY OZ. [Wide ‘E’ and ‘MC’ in Globe Logo]  [1 TROY OZ. Our serial number registry suggests this serial assignment was shared with other variety and not indicative of full range. Similar to our example above, but demonstrates a larger serial number font commonly applied to the early 1oz Engelhard Industries landscape bars, pictured above. While 4 million units over a span of two decades may seem like healthy production, it is important to note the ‘ultra rare’ 1996 US Silver Eagle had a production run of just over 3.6 million rounds in its most limited production year, currently commanding upward of 3x spot price. troy SILVER 999 fine]  [Serial Number].

is identical to the Engelhard 4th series ‘P’ example as demonstrated in the photos presented below. [ARGENTOR DEALERS LTD.] [MONTREAL CANADA], SILVER 999+]  [Serial Number in rectangle]. 100oz ingot produced by Engelhard Australia for Deak International.. [Serial Number]  [999+]  [Bull Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [100.000]. Notes homework 1st semester unled unled laura portfolio 61 true 228 grams to pounds 2019 weight converter on the. [DEAK INTERNATIONAL]  [999+SILVER] [100 OZ]  [Serial Number]. Originally issued in Collector case with informational pamphlet and certificate of authenticity, pictured below. One collector noted he purchased several FL prefix bars in plastic wrapper from Cypress Bank in Tampa, Florida, circa 1981. All Engelhard is dedicated to continued research and is proud to serve as the premier resource of Engelhard information and grateful custodian of its history. Australian Hallmark repeated diagonally two full times, matte finish, with a border. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Believed to have been produced in 1981. We believe the ‘MTB’ portrait variety was produced shortly prior to the end of of the ‘Italic Block Hallmark’ examples. One example sold via eBay on October 9, 2018 for $335.00. OZ.] It is of interest to note the casting mould of this. Believed to have been produced in 1980.

[Italic Boxed ‘Engelhard Sheffield Smelting Logo] [ONE TROY OUNCE] [999.+] [FINE SILVER]  [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [Serial Number]. Others have the revised logo with the shorter left/right sides and more space between the letters. ], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. Same as our above example, but in serial absent variation.

[FINE SILVER. 3-Digit, Landscape Variety, Gold Standard Corporation Hallmark, 2nd Series, Machined Bar, 4-Digit, Portrait Variety, Liberty Trade Hallmark, Machined Bar, 6-Digit, Landscape Variety, Mid Hallmark, 4th Series, Early ’99 9′ Design, Poured Ingot, 6-Digit, Landscape Variety, Mid Hallmark, 7th Series, Poured Ingot, 6-Digit, Landscape Variety, Mid Hallmark, 9th Series, Machined Bar, 6-Digit, Landscape Variety, Mid Hallmark, 1st Series, Poured Ingot.

[ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD.]  [REFINERS & ASSAYERS]  [1 oz troy SILVER 999 fine]  [Serial Number]  [Bull Hallmark]. Similar to our above example, this bar was produced by Engelhard for Colonial Mint. However, this process did not result in weight deficit. the ‘S’ in ‘Silver’ was changed from a serif font to sans-serif] and the ‘H’ in Engelhard is slightly wider. 3rd series Australian bar, demonstrates a proof-like obverse surface finish. Apparently, few survived melting. [.999 FINE SILVER] [Serial Number] Frosted, with a border. [999+]  [Serial Number]  [Bull Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [100.000].

The highest serial number on standard production bars within our registry is 427998.

This particular variety demonstrates an ‘A’ serial prefix, likely a prototype piece. A rare poured 1 ounce Engelhard bar produced at the Engelhard refinery of Thomastown, Australia.

All Engelhard welcomes any information you may have on this counterstamp. While 4 million units over a span of two decades may seem like healthy production, it is important to note the ‘ultra rare’ 1996 US Silver Eagle had a production run of just over 3.6 million rounds in its most limited production year, currently commanding upward of 3x spot price. The purity stamp was revised from ‘.999 FINE SILVER’ to ‘.999+FINE SILVER’ and  font changes were made [e.g. OZ.] We believe these exceedingly rare ingots were leftover 2nd series moulds that were later christened with a large ‘W’ prefix denoting the Anaheim, California facility and that they were given a very low serial number for the ‘W’ run. Similar to above EI-9 variety but in attractive proof-like finish with frosted detail. We believe this serial number range spans from 011750 to 024800. Bar P000351 sold privately on January 9, 2017 for $3,750.00. Presented below, we define all currently known varieties with pictures, serial numbers and mintage estimates. Engelhard 100 Oz Silver Bar Serial Number Lookup May 3 2020 ALL ENGELHARD is dedicated to the presentation and preservation of all things Engelhard. Most have serial numbers beginning with 2 letters (the first being ‘F’ or ‘P’). All examples demonstrate slightly different stamping placements. Unlike the 1996 US Silver Eagle, a meaningful percentage of these 1oz Engelhard bars were melted during the 1979/1980 silver spike. after FA99999 is created, FB00000 or FB00001 is created). Note the space in ’99 9+’ purity designation. Similar to our 1oz Sheffield example, above, but a newer style of bar. [999+]  [FINE SILVER]  [100 TR. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. [Canadian Maple Leaf w/ Litton Company Logo and ‘Litton’ Text Insert]  [1960-1985]  [’25 YEARS]  [FINE SILVER 999]  [1 TROY OUNCE], Specialty Art Bar Produced for Litton Systems Canada.

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