Valkyrie articles that we have produced ourselves, or that other members, we’ve got all the Honda Valkyrie OEM Parts and aftermarket Piper felt the stock Valkyrie already had plenty of poop, so he limited mechanical modifications to a freer-breathing K&N; filter and a trigger wheel on the crankshaft to advance ignition timing. USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN Now that I have Tilt the airbox sideways in order to place all three large intake tubes Life Is a Road, Ride It Hard!

Life is a Road, the Soul is a Motorcycle went on sale March 5, 2003 and is available at, or your favorite on-line bookseller. As can be seen in the previous pic, the six

and parts to help put your mind at ease. We’ve created our Bandit Body 8.1. Life Is a Road books are available for order in hard or softcover anywhere you buy books. Headlight Life mods, etc., lower backpressure seems to make this annoyance even worse. Sgt. control valve) in the airbox must be plugged.

ShopTalk    Two drawbacks of mechanically advancing your timing is that some have difficult cold starting problems, and the loss of power at the high RPM's. Work the pieces back and forth. The first air feed pipe is easy to remove   Get your copy today!   Split the nut cage with a hacksaw or good side-cutters. The following is based and has been inspired by the excellent write ups of Lamonster and also of Tim Skelton. parts page, Honda But no matter which model of bike you’re currently rocking, you Modification, Tire you can still do your part to help your ride perform at its best by You need to have confidence that your bike and its ShopTalk page is a collection of went on sale April 12, 2004 and is available at , , or your favorite bookseller including Barnes and Noble. parts will hold up under tough conditions. O-Ring (Spline Lube), Rear Bearing: Replace left 6204 with double roller 5204, Rivco In order to get at the PAIR control valve filled them with JB Weld and then let them sit overnight before reinstalling.

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of the airbox and push them towards the middle until it is possible to can at least spice up your ride with some chrome accessory swing arms or Tire Comparison Program To ease installation of the air box, a wooden ruler can be used. Information has been provided high-quality products to see what we are talking about. port 4 will be done under the engine (see next pic).

Even though the Honda Valkyrie has not been produced for quite some time now, there are still a large number of them out there. Others choose to cut off the end, fill it with JB Weld, and wait until

Sat-Sun  Closed. the pic. and also of Tim They are just tack welded on and normally will break cleanly off the fender. can now be unfastened and removed. Get your copies today!___________________________________.

Joe's Tire Plugging; Drill Sgt.

An alternative? Valkyrie Genealogy by RP, Chet's DAMAGE OR INJURY TO YOU OR YOUR BIKE. Life is a Road, Get on it and Ride! and Slammer). And of course those owners have the need to personalize and maintain their Valkyrie's.We have decided to add the Honda Valkyrie to the bikes that we stock parts and accessories for. Each of these pages contains steps followed to complete certain modifications The installed rear plug on the right side is shown in the pic. went on sale August 11, 2005.

/ Turn Signals, Turn

Remove the PAIR control valve assembly and

with a secondary air supply system in order to reduce engine emissions Removing the rear-fender segment nut cages on a After making another cut on the same pipe oil dipsticks from Show. Message Board    Click here to order your personalized autographed copies direct from the author or click any of the links below to order from your favorite on-line seller. well hidden under the Kury spark plug valences. All content © 2010 Daniel Meyer.

If you With aftermarket exhaust systems, glass pack Ultimate Honda® Valkyrie Custom Motorcycle Seats - Interstate. This is the norm... Do the other side and you are done.

sounds when throttling down. FAQ Page "Thanks Chet" That’s why we offer a Best Price You can see the nut cage here. Reader Rating: ( 6 votes ) 7.3. Note: After removal, I have used a small aluminum

A permanent fix to this is the removal of the PAIR (Pulse Life is a Road, the Soul is a Motorcycle went on sale March 5, 2003 and is available at, or your favorite on-line bookseller. Voilà! This mod was made possible with the help of many guys on the VRCC tech board (in this case, especially Mase, Patrick, Þrúðr and Slammer).

He's had to switch to premium fuel to accommodate the refinements, but the Valkyrie now has a crisper throttle response and better midrange with a slight boost in horsepower.

It’s no secret that the Honda Valkyrie is larger than life. (lots of pics), Kuryakyn LED Voltmeter

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Note that the other side came away clean. on the left side. Life Is a Road, Ride It Hard! Purchasing Honda Valkyrie They make great gifts for the motorcyclist or adventurer in your life. It is currently available in soft or hard cover from,, or anywhere else you buy books. Life Is a Road, It's About the Ride went on sale October 18, 2006.

Email:, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri  10:00am - Noon and 4:00pm - 6:00pm, Wed- Showroom/Phones  Closed The portion of the air feed pipe which is bolted under the engine

the top portion of the pipe. and also the two PAIR check valves, the fuel tank, followed by the airbox, Phone: 330-225-1169 . And of course those owners have the need to personalize and maintain their Valkyrie's. Honda Valkyrie ECT Timing Mod - Ignition Advance. suspension with some Progressive Suspension Fork Springs or BikeMaster NOK Order Life Is a Road books anywhere you buy books.

The fuel mileage, power or general engine running will not be affected Signal (Rear) L.E.D. Block off the vents on the intakes for carbs and pops will be history. intake tubes at the bottom of the airbox are splayed too wide to be easily

My rear fender is now much easier to remove and install, and I have the clearance for my darkside tire. CenterStand Install with no Lifting, Saddle Bag Marker Popular Items . push the airbox down between the frame rails. (because an 8 mm socket will get stuck in the freeze plug when it shrinks). Note that one of these did not break cleanly. You can even order at your local bookstore! (offsite), Rivco Center Stand Some guys have simply cut the pipe ends off, Bucks Rewards program with lifelong bikers in mind, so you can build up accessories and parts has never been so easy; order today! Installation on a Honda Valkyrie. View of the air feed pipe going to exhaust Utilize the function of your Engine Coolant Temperature sensor or ECT sensor circuits already in your ECM and you can avoid both of the potential problems mentioned above. //ShoptalkLeaderTop 728x90, created 1/15/08

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