In my case, my pool equipment is about 3 feet below the waterline. Converting to “LOSS OF HEAD” (at 70 gal/min), we get the following: Sorry, there is no “easy” or “almost free” answer on how to heat your pool. Thanks for the prompt repy Davy. Indeed, this is not true with pool pumps. Three eyelet jets. Yes, basically a just a bunch of black pipes – except it adds up to thousands of feet, and a roof gets sun all day long, while a fence only gets sun, less than half the day. Think about it. Every chart for 90 Degree elbow is different! As we have some piping of 3″, 4″ and 6″ schedule 40 pvc. If not, you can use these common values or ask your contractor. And you can run the pump on low speed most of the time, and may only need higher speeds for a 2-4 hrs per day. As a general rule of thumb, sand filters typically fall between 19-22 Max GPM per square foot of surface area. Can I install a Variable Speed pump to run the cleaning system for a minimum amount of time and then use a lower speed to cycle the water? Brand new pump and the manufacturer is sending me a replacement.

There are so many Pentair pumps that I cannot figure out what to purchase. (You will need to confirm required system operating pressure). Larger pool filters with more surface area will have higher design flow rates, but every pool filter is different, from 30 gpm to 150 gpm, depending on size and type of pool filter.

, https://www.intheswim.com/c/in-ground-filters, https://www.intheswim.com/c/variable-speed-pool-pumps, Energy Awareness Month – 7 Ways to Save Around the Pool, Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Pros and cons please.

If you are replacing a pump, then you may try finding a replacement with a similar pump curve. If I run it 50 ‘ then loop it on a hook and run it back to beginning point, then another loop and so on. I want to raise temp to 85*. The question based only on those two models, which would be the most efficient in energy consumption? plus the lcation of the pump lift is plenty. You may have to make educated guesses if the pipes are already buried, or if your pool is not yet built, you can draw a diagram to help view the number of 90 and 45 degree fittings needed. Kpa ÷ 9.81 = Meter Head eg: 250kpa ÷ 9.81 = 25.48m.

6600 gallon pool. I have an 18 foot / 48 inch intex with the stock paper filter and want to switch to a sand filter with enough GPH to run a good cleaning robot. Frictional Loss = The easiest way is to use an online Pipe Friction Loss Calculator where you will input the flow rate, pipe diameter and length.

Pool Heater – 10 ft

For a 2″ pipe, here is the difference in “Equivalent length (in feet) of straight pipe”: Thing is with 100 feet of 5 or 10mm tubing and a tall board or convenient wall you could cheaply measure this. The ultimate goal is efficiency here – balancing electricity bill savings with pump horsepower and balanced water chemistry.

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