Once, in the middle of nowhere I met an old guy at the cross roads. I miss this thread. The 790's are ridden hard and put away wet ("that's what she said"). If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email.

3.1K. I'll try to find the link and update but there's a blog of some cat who has 68K trouble free and counting on his 790 and touring the world. All this shet for a bike that costs 3-4 thousand more than the T7? Ugly looking thing. I actually took my S10 with 193,000 km to Tukoyaktuk for the second time last year because I didn’t trust the 790. I'm sick of hearing all about how great the KTM 790 Adventure is. The bike comes with the OEM case installed. What’s the point in owning a bike that can’t be fixed without the main dealers computer! That's quite a bit of uncertainty. Your IP: I have a 690 and ready to pony up. The small nuts and bolts around it are not stainless and it certainly is not built to anywhere near the standard of my 2000 R1. But none of the failure issues that the KTM forums are full of.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The first few minutes of this nicely demonstrates the cracking engine case issue : You are lost only when you are; "low on fuel and you don't know when you're likely to get more ". First issue with that bike for me is that it's ugly. I don't get the people who just have a closed mind view of thinking all in line twin engines are boring. We're doing a print magazine this November - 128 pages of high quality adventure riding stories, photography and interviews! And the Tracer 900 and MT07 do not have all these issues , failures, cracking engine cases. 2.3K. I'll be a long way from home riding. I'd *much* rather ride a Nuda 900 [...] despite a certain vlogger's ownership of one.

Let me tell you, T7 is bike of my dreams, because I'm a Dr650 owner for many years I like to watch this video. We're doing a print magazine this November - 128 pages of high quality adventure riding stories, photography and interviews! … google_ad_slot = "7194949137"; google_ad_slot = "5796398182"; Still, if I'd have a choice to buy a KTM or not, after reading this I'd lean orange no more unless it be a 2019 EXC. EXC XC-F XCF-W XC-W SX-F KTM 790 Duke General Discussion . //-->,

Not to Starbucks and an occasional adventure rally to look the part, but across continents rain and shine. The only thing I find odd in the 790 reviews are how everyone says its premium, just because of 'price', if Yamaha charged 16k for the T7, people wouldn't say it's premium, just throw a fit. Those will be fixed over time, but if you get a new bike it’s a good idea to check if you are affected by some. Ride, wrench or anything else. Which to some is the allure.

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