Whatever gets his attention, and whatever he focuses on for a long period of time, he will protect with his life, and he won’t let anyone else berate his choices.

They are highly in touch with their emotions and can be very soulful. Man with Mars in Cancer can be moody, touchy, easily upset, and volatile. Patient and restrained in his moments of agitation, this native realizes that the only way he can ever find his happiness is by trying to outdo his emotional nature. At least in a direct way. He’s not going to reveal all his emotions from the get-go, and even if he’s going to cry wolf a lot of times, and wallow in his sadness, he’s also very responsible and serious about taking care of his loved ones.

They often make great musicians, dancers. Unlike Mars in Sagittarius who will bring you to different outdoorsy adventures, you’ll find Mars in Cancer consciously or subconsciously going back to the same old places you used to visit (or at have visited once… if you’re just starting your relationship). And with this native, it is taken to an extreme. Mars in Cancer men like to reminiscent about all things past and they will often mention things you did together or places you went to in the past. :-). But, and there is always a “but” with this position, because of their insecurities and the constant fear of rejection they are able to “see” millions of “clues” that “prove” that the girl they like doesn’t like them back. Establishing a family, taking care of his partner, protecting her, taking the initiative to make plans together, thus fulfilling his emotional quota, these are the methods by which the Mars in Cancer man finds happiness. Their ideas are to find a girl they can love and who will love them in the same way and intensity as they love her. They are so sensitive and don’t mind crying. The Mars in Cancer man, being so sensitive and emotional as he is, intuition is highly advanced, to a level that grants him near omniscience as far as cold reading goes. He’s uncertain of himself, lacks confidence, self-esteem, an inferiority complex, or he might just be too fearful to make a mark on the world by himself.

As a matter of fact they always have to have the feeling of love and emotions tied to the sex act. Because they are emotionally sensitive, they are prone to looking for usually non-existent clues about your lack of commitment to them. They are often the types to give backrubs and foot massages and cook their girlfriend dinner. The Mars in Cancer Woman: Get to Know Her Better, Mars in Cancer: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life, The Mars in Aries Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Mars in Aries Woman: Get to Know Her Better, The Mars in Taurus Man: Get to Know Him Better, The Mars in Taurus Woman: Get to Know Her Better. He’s basically trying to avoid violence, but he still hurts the other by appearing distant and uninterested. Even though Cancer is a cardinal sign and is supposed to initiate things, it is also a sign that rarely does anything straightforward and prefers to work their magic in roundabout ways. The only time when he feels like being in control is when getting all intimate, making crazy love. It says a lot about how we react to people and events but it also represents our sexual energy and how we behave when in love. Water sports also require both surrender and self control — two of Cancers biggest issues. They love emotionally bonding with their lovers. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. But, and there is always a “but” with this position, because of their insecurities and the constant fear of rejection they are able to “see” millions of “clues” that “prove” that the girl they like doesn’t like them back. Reserved at first, he only makes a move if he feels safe (which happens after he’s spent some time observing you). He will want his partner to pamper him, to love and take care of him in all aspects.

Mars in Cancer man needs emotions in order to feel happy.

He prefers doing things this own way, especially when it comes to decorating and repairing his house. He’s also very adept with the new technologies. People with Mars in Cancer can do very well in water sports. They may need their girlfriend to take care of them like a mother would. They are not very adventurous, so you won’t be doing a lot of physical, outdoor activities with them like you would with someone with Mars in Sagittarius.

They may be the types to write a song about their girlfriend and sing it to her.

He’s basically a soldier of fortune, one constrained to take up arms, but still a soldier.

They can have a very bad temper. They won’t want to be left alone.

When he’s good, he’s very good, in the sense that there isn’t anyone like him, so loving, affectionate and compassionate.

They will often need coddling. Men with Mars in Cancer love for their woman to have large breast. Serious about taking care of his loved ones. Not only are they sensitive, they are very aggressively sensitive.

Usually though they will just go somewhere and cry, write a song, complain to their mother.

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They are very sentimental, so expect to have “your” bench in the park, “your” cafe, etc.

When Cancer inhabits Mars it is said that Mars is then in fall. For this reason Mars in Cancer Lovers tend to be happier when they are conservative in their private lives.

Men with Mars in Cancer tend to be very passionate in sports and can often be sore losers. The men are totally mama’s boys! Sex is symbolic of what both partners mean to each other, making them … What does this mean? They usually have a very casual and lazy style of dress. There is mostly always a conflict with the mom. In every single way, they want to pamper and protect their loved one, either by doing them small favors and services or by going against those who would harm them. Their erogenous zones are their breast and chest. When Mars in Cancer man likes a girl, they will rarely approach her. The Moon in Cancer man is a gentle man who prefers to use sensitivity and romanticism to conquer his special someone. Again, acceptance of the favor shows interest in their mind. Romantically, the man born with Mars in Cancer doesn’t like to beat around the bush and he will get directly to the part where he confesses his endless love, in a polite, romantic and exceedingly courteous way. He takes everyone he loves under his protection, under his wings. Romantically, the man born with Mars in Cancer doesn’t … Simply put, a Mars in Cancer is almost incapable of defending themselves but they are fierce defenders of their loved ones or their country (because Mars in Cancer is often patriotic). As I said before, these natives will do their best to become close to you. Men with Mars in Cancer are usually very soulful. That being said, they are often more compassionate and nurturing than the average man.

Their feelings are always on the line, no matter how much they try and deny it, and they are easily wounded.

Moreover, he sees sex as nothing else than a means to an end. They often have some strong attachment to their mother.

This native will want to impress his partner, to make her love him unconditionally, without any restrains and for the rest of his life. while in the female’s chart it represents what characteristics she looks for in a man.

Mars in Cancer and Acting Mars Cancer people play on and with emotions, making many of them natural performers. This can create a fair share of problems and misunderstandings in their intimate relationships. He’s even set to argue with his lover if she tries to suggest other ways of doing this, and conflicts take place quite often in his relationship.

They also love for their sex to be aggressive and ruff. They innately understand the mental health benefits of crying and frequently do it. This is another way you can find out if they like you on a romantic level. They can sing, they can dance, they can even become great in these domains if they put their ambition to work.

These natives are very insecure and they need a huge amount of reassurance to open up and react. They usually love music, food, family. In the end you will find that you will be mothered and some cases smothered in the relationship because they need reassurance that you will stay in their life. With such an affectionate and loving soul, how could he not get attached hopelessly to people? They often feel entitled to good treatment, whether or not they have earned it.

The men often have trouble expressing softer emotions. The energies of the planet don’t flow naturally and may be completely blocked. They can get themselves into all kinds of trouble with their impulsive behavior. When you have Mars in Cancer, it will tend to be the case that you are going to... 3. In this sense, he takes it step by step and uses every weapon in his arsenal. It will be near impossible for them to acknowledge their own flaws and they often feel like their lovers owe them something. “Fall” always means a very difficult position for the planet to be in. These …

If you thought that getting in the relationship with them is a challenge, being in a relationship with them can be an even bigger challenge.

In Mars, this lack of straightforwardness is even more pronounced. They are very emotional and can be oversensitive but they will rarely come to you and say “Hey, I feel bad because…”. In fact, Mars is said to be “in fall” in the sign of Cancer, meaning this is one of the more challenging signs for the red planet to be housed in. There are quite a few of these natives around the world, and all of them are sensitive, romantic, a manlier woman, to speak the truth. Mars in Cancer man needs emotions in order to feel happy.

And the woman attracts men that are totally mama’s boys. They will like to make their lover feel good. Cancer is a sign that rarely let others know how they are feeling.

They can be very reliable and you can find yourself relying a lot on them. But he’s a Cardinal sign, which means he initiates. If Mars in Cancer men are not straightforward and direct in their approach, how can you know if they are interested in you? Most of their energy is in arguments in the home. These men are often just grown up babies.

He can get very clingy and affectionate with his partner, to such a point that they will want to kiss and hug her every moment of the day.

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