Well, unless you have a cow in your backyard, you don’t really know what you are drinking “in your milk”, they don’t write on the package what a farmer has been feeding the cow…. So like so many we are goung to real coffee makers with REAl FRESH MILK. Standard pasteurization heats it to a lower temperature (about the same as most people heat their milk to before making yogurt) for a few seconds. Some of us don’t have a choice in the matter.

But from a culinary perspective, it’s relatively worthless. Pseudo-scientific nonsense. You may very well be getting UHT milk without knowing it. great flavor.

The introduction to a 2005 study published in the Journal of Dairy Science highlighted the current problems with UHT processing from an industry point of view: Often, heat treatment causes milkfat globule membrane proteins and whey proteins to unfold such that buried sulfhydryl (-SH-) groups, normally masked in the native protein, are exposed to the outer surfaces (Hoffmann and van Mill, 1997). Can I point out that humans have been consuming cooked milk for thousands of years (and probably longer)? I avoid non-UHT milk whenever possible to avoid the harmful bacteria that may well have contributed to my chronic gut disease. I learned about milk protein.

The process uses high heat to kill bacteria and give it a long shelf life. True it doesn’t contain the enzymes that allow us to properly digest raw cow milk, but that is the only harm it is causing.

Maybe you can shed some light on the situation. Surely this warrents further investigation. Sadly in US. Higher energy levels , no inflammation , just for the record I am a non smoking very moderate drinker and a fitness instructor so my diet is A1.Reply Organic and not made from GMO soy or rice.Reply

does non-organic milk not go thru the UHT process? I will have a garden next year, I can buy eggs from a friend who raises them free range, but I have no way to buy any other of the recommended items. I can drink raw milk without digestive problems. There exists market for such with niche, learned a lot from the article but nothing to deter me from UHT milk lol. Sandra, could you just send it with a reusable ice pack? Thanks for your thoughts, made me feel better that the uht milk is safe, unless you have a rare health condition.Reply

What is a person to do?

Georgette Soares Bailey via Facebook saysLisa Bailey-Friedrichs, just another reason to give up milk!Reply Bethany Burgess via Facebook saysI don’t have access to raw milk and it is so hard to even find any that aren’t uht in the grocery stores. Scott Mac saysYou may as well just drink water, as UHT has the same nutrition except it now white water.Reply I’ve used it in my cereal for years now without incident. Your site had provided me with information that I needed which I can print off and share with them to prove that this variety of milk really is quite unhealthy.

But what makes UHT processing any worse than regular old pasteurization?

In the U.S., I worked with a farm family who were all exposed to Salmonella, and one family member died because they drank their own raw milk after they purchased replacement animals, some of whom carried the disease. As far as I am aware (though I may be wrong) it has not been proven that leaky gut syndrome can be caused by anything other than conditions such as Crohn’s disease, HIV, cystic fibrosis, chemotherapy or type 1 diabetes. The only problem is the high price.

Not to be mean, just stating some things to think about: The type of milk you drink is a preference. I drink milk commonly sold in those plastic gallons but I boil the milk before drinking it because I like to reproduce the taste I was used to. True it doesn’t contain the enzymes that allow us to properly digest raw cow milk, but that is the only harm it is causing.

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