During the winter, as snow deepens, they depend more on lichens growing above the snow on rocks or tree bark, although in shallow snow they scrape for vegetation with their hooves. Only then can we stop today's universal animal-protein wastage. Grazing during the day under the eye of a herdsman, they allowed themselves to be herded back to a pen at night in the traditional African manner, where they would sleep around the campfire. Seeing how cute it is, and its tiny, crate and litterbox friendly size, it may only be a matter of time before the royal antelope becomes a popular exotic pet.

Areas that used to have plenty now have few or none. Inner fences need only be 1.5 m high. Nevertheless, scientifically speaking, this is one of the world's least-known animals.

Fawns are born in late spring or early summer, and weigh only about 0.5 kg at birth. Males are generally as easy to handle as females, except during the rutting season when they become aggressive and cannot be handled at all. There are recognized stud stags, computerized recording schemes for breed improvement, and even veterinary services specifically for deer. The premolars of the mouse deer are designed for piercing and chopping food rather than for chewing. In Nigeria, blue duiker pelts are used in making karosses, a traditional dress.

Growing up to only 10″ tall and weighing about 6 pounds, they are about as big as a rabbit.

Three wild species - buffalo, eland, and oryx - were selected for comparison with cattle. They are good converters of vegetation and produce top-quality lean meat. Neither sex bears antlers. The alarm call, a loud hiss, is often accompanied by a highstepping, springy gait. Bushmen, Pygmies, Dinkas, and Mandingos, thousands of miles apart; all share the same fondness for duiker meat and for duiker-skin clothes. The different species are solitary, and it is difficult to keep many individuals (especially males) in a restricted space. Because of their small size, these species might make good laboratory animals for ruminant studies. In China the water deer are hunted for their meat and skins, and newly born fawns are killed to obtain the mother's colostrum for medicinal purposes. Deer yards can be of any design, but the sides of the passageways and holding pens should be solid, as deer do not see fences very well, particularly when under pressure, and may injure themselves in a leap towards what appear to be wide open space. Under good conditions, the ideal slaughtering age reportedly occurs at 8-10 months, when the blue duiker can weigh 4 kg. It is now common along country roads to see tall fences surrounding graceful deer quietly grazing ryegrass and clover. In Korea, the animal lives along the lower reaches of most rivers, except those in the extreme northeast. However, both males and females can be aggressive toward unfamiliar individuals of their own species. Similar research on the smaller species, which so far have received little or no attention, is one of the more speculative ideas in this report. Males repeat it frequently in hot weather. The hair is generally thick and coarse, longest on the flanks and rump. It is placed in the genus Neotragus and the family Bovidae. Males also mark females with the scent, thus reinforcing the bond. The populations are feared to be declining due to habitat deterioration and expanding human settlement. There are two species: Pudu pudu is distributed in parts of southern Bolivia and throughout much of southern Chile nearly to the Straits of Magellan. In West Africa, for example, it is one of the most common meats sold in both rural and urban markets. Corrections? At least one species, the grey brocket, adjusts particularly well to life in and around human settlements. A female should be bred with the same male throughout her productive life span. The dwarf antelope breeds year-round, with seasonal peaks and produces a single offspring after an estimated gestation of six months (maybe less). There are also two tusklike canine teeth that protrude from the mouth. It stands up to merely 25 centimetres (10 in) at the shoulder and weighs 2.5–3 kilograms (5.5–6.6 lb). Calvin W. Schwabe Unmentionable Cuisine, Iguana is really good, a thousand times better than chicken.

Although at first sight these retiring, nervous, and agile creatures seem unlikely to be even potential microlivestock, young brockets are sometimes caught and raised by people. Little is known of the reproduction and general performance of these animals. Indeed, they share a number of characteristics with nonruminants, including lack of horns or antlers; continually growing, tusklike upper canines in males; sharp-crowned premolars; and four fully developed toes. Although there is considerable experience with rearing and utilizing the larger species, little is known about these miniature ones. They seem able to withstand chilly weather well, but a combination of wet and cold is harmful. Small antelope are probably not as efficient as larger ruminants in digesting fiber: the retention time in the rumen may be too short. These animals inhabit equatorial forests and mixed secondary tropical forest. But in this habitat live tiny antelope such as dikdik, suni, and klipspringer. It stands about 25 cm (10 inches) and weighs 2.5–3 kg (5.5–7 pounds). Muntjac seem to be primarily browsers. However, in captivity they eat fresh grass, alfalfa hay, and feed pellets. Unlike most antelopes, their population densities can be high. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. They give pleasure to thousands and pain to few.

In the wild these animals are not gregarious and are generally found alone or in pairs. For those seeking interesting, pioneering research, microdeer are good candidates. These little animals adapt well to captivity and have been introduced to zoos and wildlife collections throughout the world. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. with the same coloration as adults. Of these animals, some, such as the pygmy antelopes, have a crouched appearance with an arched back and short neck; others have a more upright posture with a long neck and a raised head. And its numbers are diminishing rapidly. Life expectancy is more than 10 years. They feed mostly at dusk or at night, sheltering in undisturbed areas or under shady bushes during the day. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature already lists them as vulnerable to extinction.

It was first described by Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus in 1758. The areas where these antelopes might be used are sub-Saharan Africa for the African species and South Asia for the four-horned antelope. Animal scientists in Africa should gather small herds for comparative studies. Relevance. Search through their … The Royal Antelope belongs to the family Bovidae under the order of Artiodactyla. However, it seems to be easily kept, has bred well in zoos, and has thrived in many British wildlife parks. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). At birth, the tiny fawns are extremely vulnerable to a variety of predators, both birds and mammals. The kind-hearted suburbanites put out salt licks, water, and kitchen scraps, and they built snug little shelters against the cold north wind. Slaughter facilities specifically for deer are in operation throughout the country. The total population may be not more than 500 in the wild. [21], The royal antelope prefers areas with fresh and dense growth of shrubs and other plants. Occasionally (especially in captivity), duikers are also omnivorous, eating fish, crabs, insects, snails, frogs, small animals, or carrion; they also readily accept chopped meat. In Asia, muntjac are hunted for meat, skins, and antlers. Confined to the rainforest and adjacent forest-savanna mosaic that stretches from Ghana to Sierra Leone, the royal antelope inhabits dense vegetation that grows where sunlight penetrates to the forest floor, as well as secondary growth that succeeds clearing and cultivation.

For several years authorities in Nepal have successfully extracted musk from an adult male at the Kathmandu Zoo' without apparent harm to the animal.3 These experiences suggest that musk might become a farmed product. Nonetheless, game ranching offers a means by which marginal lands could produce food of a high nutritional quality on a sustained basis. Despite heavy initial losses of animals, mainly during transportation and acclimatization, the Chinese now breed musk deer in considerable numbers. When the sexual activity is at its peak, the males are caught and musk removed from the pod with a runcible spoon (curved fork) inserted into the sac's aperture. The smallest brocket, it weighs only 8-12 kg. Fully grown, it weighs less than 20 kg; commonly it is merely 10-12 kg. The stomach occupies almost the whole of the abdominal cavity, extending from the diaphragm to the pelvic inlet, which provides this small animal with large food-storage capacity. Food and Agriculture Organization Ceres magazine, All the world's people must begin to overcome in themselves - and even more so in their children - senseless taboos about what is edible and what is not.

9 years ago. The royal antelope (Neotragus pygmaeus) is a West African antelope, recognised as the world's smallest antelope.It was first described by Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus in 1758. But farmers know only too well how fond they are of melons, beans, peppers, and corn. Pudus (also called the Andean dwarf deer) once ranged widely through the foothills, valleys, and lowlands of the Andes. A characteristic feature is the long and slender legs, with the hindlegs twice as long as the forelegs – a remarkable similarity to the hare. The belly is usually white. It feeds mainly on reeds, coarse grasses, and some tree leaves. However, elsewhere annual culls at any level would not be feasible for at least 10 years because the populations are now so low. The antlers are simple spikes, never longer than a person's hand. They typically reside in thick brush. Chronic stress, the causes of which are not always obvious, can result in illness or death, although this trait diminishes in subsequent generations of farm-born stock. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. So far, removing the musk without damaging the animals has not proved commercially successful because of market resistance. The best long-term solution is to organize duiker husbandry. The coat varies from reddish brown to nearly black, although a few species are blue-grey and one is zebra striped. Researchers in Nigeria have bred blue duikers to the fourth generation and found that, if the animals were first handled by people while young, they remained docile.4 Even blue duikers caught in the wild tame quickly if they are very young, but by the time they reach 3.5 months, they become barely tolerant of man's presence.

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