For new spray booths, spray booth services, upgrades, parts & filters, smoke clearance and LEV testing. From spray booths for containers, through to drive through booths to accommodate trains, we operate a flexible design approach to offer a bespoke solution for your commercial industry. Installations.

The construction is solid with insulated panels (most of the time) and proper circulation of the air. With the right equipment you work will be more effective and professional.

England .

Our painting and drying booths are already market leaders in Turkey and an established brand in countries such Germany and France. How do you make sure you are making the right choose?

Ok, so you made the decision to invest in your workshop and buy a new spray booth.

Normally the companies give the air flow capability of their spray booths, and as you would expected the higher the better. Watch this space or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/firatsprayboothsuk/.

Unit 4 Transcentral

Plus you benefit from much better and safer working environment.

What you want is good metal framework with fully insulated panels, including the roof. Welcome to FIRAT Automotive Spray Booths UK Distibutor! RG2 0QX, Tel: 01753 59 59 55 We are very proud to introduced FIRAT spray booths to the UK market. We have 30 years experience in this field.

The clean air (prefiltered) is blown in through the ceiling and extracted through the floor.

Our range of dry filter and water filter spray booths are used in Wood,metal,plastic,glass,and marble.

Fax: 01753 58 45 01

A large range of custom designed booths for furniture, manufacturing and many other industries.

The structure is very basic and often materials used are of poor quality. Our top of the range Raptor model is the most advanced and energy efficient spray booth available and is 100% electrically powered – reducing your carbon footprint dramatically. Commercial Spray Booth Equipment. Spraybake specialise in supplying Paint Spray Booths, Spray Booth Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing.

All our spray booths have full downdraft filtration system which provides the cleanest possible finish. Welcome to Masterflo … UK manufacturer and supplier of industry-leading, high quality spray booth systems. Junair Spraybooths commercial spray booth equipment provides the perfect commercial vehicle refinishing environment. When it come to cars, we know their types, how they differ and what are their advantages and disadvantages. You want a product that is efficient, reliable, safe, easy to use, cheap to run and provides best and cleanest working environment. Next we should have a look at the structure of the booth and the quality of panels. Bennet Road . Industrial Spray Booths, Services & Call Outs

Fully HSE Compliant Complete Installation. All our ovens are full downdraft solutions, as standard.

Semi draught - with air flowing from the top and extracted at the back or side.

Energy Saving Upgrades

Our top of the range Raptor model is the most advanced and energy efficient spray booth available and is 100% electrically powered – reducing your carbon footprint dramatically.

Masterflo holds the registered design certificate for the unique and innovative Retractable Paint Booth System, MASTRE-FLEX.

10446345, If you would like to lease our spraybooths, contact Alliance and General on.

What is different about FIRAT spray booths?

We know how to asses them, looking at the engine size, power and fuel consumption. No need to dig!!

E-mail: sales@masterflo-uk.com, Masterflo Ltd,

Bennet Road .

For the performance the type of fan used is very important. With our many years of experience in coatings, we are able to provide you with a premium finishing environment for all of your industrial applications. Therefore the air travels in shortest distance at greatest speed, providing the fastest clearance time and safer working environment. An excellent solution for space saving - simply fold the spray booth away when you have finished painting, to use the area for other processes.Discover The Benefits, Masterflo Ltd May 2018 - we are working on new solutions for busy workshops - multi. We have developed spray booths which incorporate the latest energy saving devices, whilst not compromising on quality. Unit A3 Stirling Business Park

Unit 4 Transcentral Reading You still have the same aim: to get the best for your money.

deductible, you pay for the booth in easy weekly or monthly installments as you business grow and earn more money. This level of service, along with the quality of product, has resulted in the continued growth and success of Masterflo as a spray booth manufacturer. Aerospace Spray Booths Welcome to FIRAT Automotive Spray Booths UK Distibutor! 6 Nimrod Way, LED lighting, four-leaf door, touch screen control panel, side entrance are all included in the price. Over the years, our name has come to represent service and quality in the automotive crash repair industry. The cornerstone to our success is attention to detail. Eurotecno supply, install and commission automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace and industrial spray booth/ovens.

Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. The strongest and most effective ones are the industrial centrifugal fan, but often manufacturers opt for the cheaper axial fans. The most advanced and energy efficient spray booth available. Please see the new Price List above. Testing CV Spray Booths If the booth is well insulated, the efficiency increase and you can save on the running costs of the booth. © 2016 by Boguslawa Kaplan.​ Created with Wix.com              Registered Company: Kaplan Trading Ltd                   Reg. 1.1 metre deep canopy to chosen width from our range of 2.2m, 3.3m, 4.4m, 5.5m & 6.6m wide; 1.1 metre deep extract chamber to chosen width from our range of 2.2m, 3.3m, 4.4m, 5.5m & 6.6m wide Automotive Spray Booths We carry out spray booth services and call outs/repairs on all makes.

Our industrial paint booths are designed and manufactured to increase both productivity and finish quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and also compliance with government spray booth legislation. Berkshire . November 2017 - Due to an increase in price by our manufacture and the falling value of pound we had to increase our prices. See a video of a smoke test performed in our, © 2016 by Boguslawa Kaplan.​ Created with, https://www.facebook.com/firatsprayboothsuk/, https://www.facebook.com/firatsprayboothsuk/videos/1982629025320637/, ix.com              Registered Company: Kaplan Trading Ltd                   Reg.

What to look for? You get a solid steel structure with insulated panels.

It becomes more common to use electrostatically applied powder coating, which creates perfect and durable finish.

We can also dismantle and install your used spraybooth for you, and install energy saving upgrades. All our spray booths have full downdraft filtration system which provides the cleanest possible finish. Spare parts, filters and accessories for every spray booth are all available from our fully stocked warehouse that distributes throughout the UK and Europe.

It also perform the fastest  when it come to the air clearance time, so you get minimum exposure and best environment to work in. Our commitment to customer service and support is demonstrated throughout every project… from enquiry, spray booth design, manufacture, installation and then the ongoing equipment maintenance program. No.

Therefore they are more expensive to run and poses higher risk of contamination.

The most important function of the booth is to clean the air fast and efficiently. Reading 10446345. Check them out! It is also important to look carefully at the panel’s coating. We can supply and install filters and consumables and carry out LEV and smoke clearance time tests. If you would like to lease our spraybooths, contact Alliance and General on http://www.allianceandgeneral.co.uk/  Leasing is a perfect solution for any growing business - 100% tax.

The air flow will be very weak and uneven. Our painting and drying booths are already market leaders in Turkey and an established brand in countries such Germany and France.

You want to minimase exposure to hazardous vapours and clean the air as fast as possible. All … We aim to increase the productivity by up 50%. The work area is pulled out around the item to be sprayed, which has been positioned in front of the spray booth. However the air flow is uneven through the booth when you have the car in the middle of it. RG2 0QX.

The control of the working environment is very limited. Retractable Spray Booth Systems... MAST RE-FLEX... unique to Masterflo. Our modular products are made from high quality material and designed to optimise its dimensions for transport, a fast and easy setup for installation and maintenance.

Down draught - this is most often the equivalent of the A class car.

Please visit our online shop to purchase filters, parts and more.

SMART booths - this are the cheapest one, often with just plastic covers or nothing on the sides, which offer very minimum protection and separation of the painting area.

We also supply paint rooms, preparation bays, dust extraction systems and anti-static guns. High quality CV spray booths built to the same specification and standard as our automotive booths.

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