I did not know about the punchbowl until recently. Is that how all of the slaves got here? The Civil War wasnt to free the slaves. Joel Samuels, I hope you read this message. In the years since, she’s had the privilege of having her articles appear in several publications, such as Parents & Kids Magazine and Girl Meets Strong. It is not the Name of Yashaya the savior. Enter your email address to follow Failure To Listen and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Indian.put them on reservation.u have the KKK to destroyed Black wall st. Tulsa ok. How soil exposes racial violence against enslaved Blacks in Alabama Museum, Why the Huli Wigmen of PNG grow their hair and then cut it off to make flamboyant wigs, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, power couple whose yrs together on stage, screen and in activism was enviable, Nobody documented Black life in Cleveland from the 1920s until the 60s like Allen E. Cole, From libation pouring to patois infusions; this is how the Igbo people of Nigeria influenced Jamaica, Banned in Jamaica and assassinated in his home country of Guyana, here’s why Walter Rodney was so fearsome, How kings from Nubia (Sudan) became Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and ruled both lands.

The estimate of 100,000 blacks coming to that town who did all that counting ? Rather than have their harbor blockaded, South Carolina fired on the fort. – BlackShare, Ungodly Riches Gained Through Blood Money By Many Nations | The Fig Tree A Hebrew Judean Torah Study group, https://blackthen.com/was-the-devils-punchbowl-a-u-s-concentration-camp-for-black-slaves/, Devil’s Punchbowl – An Introduction for White America [Evidence Base] One Hidden Horror Story Conducted by the White American Racist Society Under the Auspice of the United States Government- called America | IT IS WHAT IT IS, Cracks In the ICE: History, Abolition & the Path Ahead – The Green Market Agorist, https://netgate-kiev.blogspot.com/2019/06/hqclear-tv-t2.html, How 20,000 Blacks died through starvation and overwork in the ‘Devil’s Punchbowl’ labour camp in Mississippi – Mosi-Blog, “SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH LIZZIE BORDEN” and 3 More Terrifying True Stories!

So forget about them trying to look into the past. This really saddens me! With just a handful of states still up for grabs, Trump tried to press his case in court in some key swing states. Well, Lincoln complied with London’s demand, even as redcoats were gathering on the Canadian border for a possible invasion. Somebody tell me how the hell that makes any sense. The Charleston harbor was the major export route for southern cotton to Europe. The Irish slave myth has been debunked years ago by the white establishment (The New York times). A little know fact was that in Sherman’s sacking of Atlanta, women and children working in textile mills and other industries were considered contraband. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. I’d like to know a date when Dorothy Goldsmith posted her comment.

Your white supremacist diatirbe against us Africoids shows your lack of sincerity and duplicity. But beyond the quintessential southern greenery of sprawling live oaks, productive pecan trees, giant Azaleas, and perfect fruit trees, is the soil that hold rich history of Clermont Bluffs. Reparations are something that would affect ALL people…even the ones who didn’t have any ancestors here at the time of slavery and had nothing to do with slavery. Can you imagine bodies buried in the camp where men, women, and children lived? JR: Are you talking about the FEMA internment camp myth? The following “guess” names by scholars and other name pundits are all FALSE and cannot be proven bt ANY text before Greek: Yahushawah, Yeshua, Yashua, Yahusha, Yahwsha, Yahusha, Yahawashi, Joshua, Jesus (Greek, son of Zeus), (to list only a sample of the false names being claimed to be the sacred name). It was not just former slaves that were sent to concentration camps. In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the captial of Israel. Newly freed slaves, would make their way to these camps as a stop over to travel further up river in hopes of building lives for themselves. You are no doubt either a white troll or a useless Negropean. It boggles my mind to see us beg for their understanding.

Doug is from Gilbertown, Alabama and has the deep, southern accent to prove it! We owe you devils that work against us no explaination. I’m still learning about some of those subjects and then some. History buffs have a variety of eras with which they may feed their imagination, all while relaxing on our oversized, wrap-around porch. And the population went from about 10,000 to 120,000 overnight,” Westbrook said. According to a 1920’s newspaper clipping she chose to be buried apart from him, somewhere on the property, perhaps because it reminded her of her home on the continent. Linda Fulgium: True: the Civil War wasn’t about freeing the slaves. The view from the bluffs overlooks not only the mighty Mississippi, but you also see the bottomlands, a network of deep crevasses where pre-europeans encamped on the riverbanks, fishing and hunting. The Bible says…. conditions to be so overwhelmed with their Natchez experience to plead with This really accentuate’s.my long held point that blacks in this country should be duly compensated through educational reparations for starters. In keeping with our values, we want your stay with us to be what YOU want it to be. Y”all life.. Y”all took us for African brought us make us slave .White men sleep.with black women ..took land for. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. How about the Chinese?

Anywhere but there’,” Estes said. The Devil’s Punchbowl is private property and there isn’t an easy access. Why we are in the midst of an information war? They were rounded up, and some lynched, others killed, or many forced back into hard labor and subjected to torture. Which antennas benefit earthbound television? But he had a persistent love of history, art, and architecture. But regardless, the only fatality of the fall of Natchez was a little Jewish girl, that for some reason the yankee gunboats took aim at. But I think on that day, many will be the slaves who will rise in testimony of the truth, and speak against those who today embrace a far greater slavery of mind and heart, where the chains of ignorance and political expediency are just as strong as the metal they broke, a long, long time ago. My last thought is if reparations are to be paid, every Irish American and even the Italians would deserve reparations. I saw one post that said why should the government pay someone for being born “pathetic” and I assume that is the man or woman of color.. Well needless to say the Blacks have been a target for many years and continues to be..The only thing I would like for this country to do is be fair and treat everyone like they deserved to be treated.. One thing I’m glad about is there is a true and living God and he will judge.. Both US parties are the same coin just different sides. Jean Lafitte, the wily pirate and hero to early Americans due to his aid to Andrew Jackson in defending New Orleans, is rumored to have used the Punchbowl as a repository for his treasures. I hope that this post has been helpful in enlightening you. They can hate us but we are suppose to love and forgive them. No one was to ever go into it because you never came out! The Phoenician alphabet was given to the Greeks that had no formal language nor alphabet. The letter “I” was used not the letter “J”. These camps were in Natchez, Mississippi located in an area known as the Devil’s Punchbowl. Patti McClendoN I looked up the book and it is a story about casinos and gambling on boats with the title of the book being the devils punch bowl. So much stuff that people started calling it The Devil’s Punchbowl. You wonder why were the union soldiers fighting the south?

This chip matches perfectly with the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, more specifically Revelation 13:16-18: He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. I agree there are a lot of un answered questions.

The sounds surprised me. If they could bring back slavery they would. It’s easy to do and lets the real criminals off the hook. It wasnt me, so unless youre a living slave, which is most unlikely, you didnt suffer so no one owes us anything.stop being stupid, you werent a fucking slave.

And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” (Revelation 14:9-11). They were loaded into wagons and sent to camps up north. The North started the Civil War. In Spanish, Jesus is “Hey’Zeus”.

A river pirate hid out, a hold up for Natchez Trace bandits where massacres and murders and mystical things have happened. Devil’s Punchbowl is so named for a cavernous, bowl-shaped gulch walled off by tree-topped cliffs — an area unintentionally made perfect for a hellacious prison by nature, herself. In addition to the hard labor, Black people were starved out as they were annexed from society. A friend of mine from Natchez was told by older black people that it is true. Im not and i will die for my black kids And thousands and thousands died. We set out a starter breakfast of cereals, fruits and yoghurt. This is taken directly from the Dead Sea Scroll. I wonder if he ever knew!Strong HATE!Only because the color of one’s skin!SAD!!!! No matter who is in charge they are going to route out and destroy those that get in their way. NOTE: I am mostly splitting hairs in detail, rather than arguing against your points, which are basically correct. Also, our breakfast is served in the dining area, where we love to say “good morning” to everyone and hear about your adventures. That may seem like an odd thing to include in this section; but we are in a unique place. They were the old world scholars. It’s atrocious with all the crimes these people have gotten away with and/or were cheerleaders for.

Concentration Camp for Black Slaves? And that’s another story. If you want to sleep in a bit, please feel free. A more sinister story is set in what Americans refer to as the Reconstruction era, and involves the forced encampment of newly freed slaves in the Punchbowl.

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