The Grim Jetters are planning to intercept it in Dreadpool, and your job is to secure the loot even if it means killing everyone aboard. Stratford wants you to investigate and repair generator that went out in the sewers. Locate former Biocorp researcher Wit Nosek, dead or alive, and find out what it was he discovered while working on 'The Ark' project.

Who is he? Marcus suggests trying to learn about and activate the island's latent security systems or recovering any useful equipment.

Apparently, it's an expedition of some kind. (Find 30 impure chromium blades) Walkthrough. https://www.stygiansoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=Six&oldid=38646. No one. I think this is intentional for the most part, but hope we get a little bit of closure with the deep caverns update. Harlan tells you about a Coretech employee who is suspected of stealing, Mr. Simmons wants you to go to a secret Coretech, JKK needs your help in rescuing hostages held in, Gunnar Edstrom wants you to acquire a device previously owned by the Acid Hunters, now in possession of Coretech.

Todor Sallywatch, one of Everard's men, was caught at the murder scene and is being held in Foundry prison. xpbl_investigatedSubmarine, 50, 0, The submarine you discovered at Blistering Shores uses the Course automated docking system to guide the submarine to a facility's submarine docking bay.

You can return to the furnace pool and drain the molten metal to discover the remains of the Beast - its head and an Unscathed Scale worth 6 oddity XP. Is there any way to kill him?)))) You're right. Perhaps some can be used in bolstering the camp's defenses. xpbl_getGear, 50, 0, See Marcus about collecting your gear. Whatever happens, Aegis Incorporated is ready to move in. However, Azif notes that Six's cyborg form is not what he expected from Godmen based on his visions. Complete tasks Gorsky gives you and return to Tanner. They are the leaders of the South Gaters community. Dirty little bastard have 30 lvl and absolutely immune to all kind of damage. It's located in the caves east of SGS.

Deal with the guard, descend into their base and kill them as you see fit. You can hand it over to someone who perhaps can... or you could keep it for yourself. xpbl_investigateCompound, 50, 0, Investigate Joint Security Headquarters, located at coordinates F12. Six is a cyborg. dudeUp, 50, 0, Help Dude search his old home in Upper Underrail. When the Beast arrives, you will pull the lever automatically – you don't have stand close to it.

xpbl_sawSubmarine, 50, 0, You've located a submarine in one of the Black Sea facilities. Aside from that weird misuse of recourses though, #CAUDidNothingWrong. Look for Cornell and his Acid Hunters gang in the Core City and report your findings to Tanner. xpbl_foundPhilsArm_notJoined, 1500, 2, You've found an old, severed arm in whose glove you feel something solid to the touch, right between the index finger and the thumb... xpbl_foundFortCoordinates, 50, 0, You've discovered coordinates to several other facilities on a console inside the Arch Keep. I would join one faction, though, for … Snoop around and find a way to retrieve them. You can use the levers in the mine to call for the minecart, which can be used to gather the heavy chromium blades and be called to the furnace. Six then returns to the Oculus, presumably to retrieve the Cube and kill the man that the Bakers are working for (Tanner).

xpbl_expeditionWithoutYou, 50, 0, There is some kind of an expedition at the Black Sea, and it seems like you've missed the opportunity to join in. xpbl_submarineDescentIntoAbyss, 2000, 2, Use the submarine to descent to Abyssal Station Zero. Report your findings to Professor Oldfield. There are a lot of unanswered questions in underrail. You only need someone to ferry them there. Objectives. Look for him in the Hardcore City Bar. Report to Captain Grim once the ship's been raided.

xpbl_sc_getGearBack, 50, 0, All of your belongings have been transferred to a decontamination room somewhere inside Joint Security Headquarters. © Valve Corporation. Where did you learn all this stuff? He can teleport too. dudeIngredients, 50, 0, Dude needs two mushroom brews, two measures of unsaturated psionic catalysts, two of morphine, and two of gyromitrin to make the Juice for you and him.

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