That said... the shrine locator does suck big time =D Also, it's just way too darn annoying for me to leave on. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild begins on the Great Plateau, and you’ll spend your first few hours with the game here learning a frankly shocking amount … After you complete your first shrine trial, the old man teaches you how to find the next shrines. Below that, you'll find some basic details or even some more detailed stuff for the trickier shrines in the group. It even still has comments from March 17, 2017.

I'm at 114 found on my own and I'm missing 6 shrine quest so I figured it was time to check out this guide.

Below is a list of each shrine. @ECMIM Come on...don't you want that golden gift? Nice guide though, wish it said which had a shrine quest and where to find them, I missed one quest but got all 120.

it easy to go in the right direction.

Below is a list of each shrine.

I'm still a work in progress and I've seen some more of those shrines. Also a few of your shrine locations are not exactly on point should double check your full complete map and do an edit to make this article more friendly. for ancient screws and springs, but beware: some of the robots in this area Few aspects of Link's latest sprawling adventure exemplify this as well as the sheer number of shrines - miniature dungeons focused solely on puzzle solving.

have placed, you should also look from a high vantage point to figure out how

the little dot in the center is pointing at it, then press A to put a pin there. So walk to the left, if your bars go away completely, walk towards the right. Thanks for the guide!

Great guide, I'll use it after I've exhausted what I've found, I think. Just seems a bit random to bring up again. I love this game!

Hope this helps.

So fun. This is arguably one of the few legitimate design flaws in Breath Of The Wild I can think of. Such an amazing game.

I found over 2/3's all on my own which was very satisfying. HEY, EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/breath-of-the-wild-interactive-map/You're frickin' welcome, my dudes.

But searching for shrines and traversing the overworld was one of the best parts about the game, I think using a guide would massively take away from that. I have cleared around 40 shrines on my own but am ready for a little help locating the rest.

It's completely off the great plateau.

We've sorted all of the shrines by the section of the map they're located on.

@rferrari24 It's possible that is because you are passing by a hidden shrine. Your maps are great! The words correctly identify the four Great Plateau Shines, but I think the image needs changing to fit them. Just going 'wild' with riding, hunting and cooking at the mo, but this will no doubt become useful later on... @CrimsonMoonMist it took me a while, too.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It should be easy to walk through each area and find all of the shrines.

Once you've done this quest, jump on the rock formation to reveal the shrine.) for the Suma Sahma Shrine, don't roll the snowball down the hill.

I'm curious if the summer DLC update includes an active distance measurement for the shrine radar. . But thank you Nintendo Life for the means to do so.

Very cool. @MasterWario Also, if the bars drop, it could mean the item you're searching for is above or below you; jumping usually gives a good indication of which direction you should go, as the bars will either rise as Link is gaining altitude, or losing it. Your comment needs more attention. Also, pins will only be glowing if you look through your Sheikah Scope, so if

I'm at 102 and I want to finish it up before the weekend.

Very cool stuff thanks! @Ralizah I got to 101 before I had to start using a guide to help find the last 19.

interesting, and I bet this is exactly it.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild: All Shrine Locations And Maps, Central Hyrule Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines), Dueling Peaks Tower Shrine Map (9 Shrines), Eldin Mountains Tower Shrine Map (9 Shrines), Gerudo Highlands Tower Shrine Map (7 Shrines), Great Plateau Tower Shrine Map (4 Shrines), Hateno Village Tower Shrine Map (7 Shrines), Hebra Mountains Tower Shrine Map (13 Shrines), Lanayru Wetlands Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines), Hyrule Ridge Tower Shrine Map (7 Shrines), Tabantha Frontier Tower Shrine Map (6 Shrines), Gerudo Desert Tower Shrine Map (12 Shrines), Eventide Island - How To Beat The Hardest Shrine Quest, Shee Vaneer And Shee Venath Shrine Answers and Solutions, https://www.zeldadungeon.net/breath-of-the-wild-interactive-map/.

Select to open the is easier to reach than the other two, so warp back to the Oman Au Shrine I don't wanna nitpick, but you guys missed #6 under Central Hyrule Tower.

I'll definitely use this when I get tired of looking for shrines on my own.

One of the shrines is in the eastern part of the Great Plateau area, in the Wasteland Tower number 9 Is wrong. you will get there. Because of that, we've decided to list each shrine belonging to a tower's map section below, along with handy screenshots showing where you can find each of these. The Great Plateau is the starting region in Breath of the Wild.1 1 Features and Overview 1.1 Eastern Abbey 1.2 Forest of Spirits 1.3 Great Plateau Tower 1.4 Hopper Pond 1.5 Mount Hylia 1.6 River of the Dead 1.7 Shrine of Resurrection 1.8 Ancient Shrines 1.9 Temple of Time 1.10 Old Man's Cabin 2 Nomenclature 3 Gallery 4 References The Great Plateau is a large region of land that is …

I agree, very rare design flaw of this amazing title. There is one on tingle island hidden below a huge slab couldn't see it on the guide, Did.... you guys actually discover all these yourselves or did you just copy from the guidebook/internet??? I find that method to be useful but you use up a lot of weapons hitting it across the desert when you could just go at night time and carry it without it melting and make sure you're not holding a fire weapon. Scope.

I just checked my own in-game map; I've only found around half of these so far. Would be nice if the DLC introduced another locator upgrade, like @AlternateButtons mentioned. @TophatDragoneye I just double-checked it and it looks right to me.

go around the east side of the Eastern Abbey area and I'm late to the party but been playing the game for about 25 hours so far and really been struggling...with nearly everything lol so just discovered this article...thanks very much..super helpful! @GraveLordXD nah, I tried that. It was extremely confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it, it's very effective. stun them, but not for long. Apparently you need 13 (from what I've read online). Can't help but notice that the map of the Great Plateau is inaccurate regarding the locations of the shrines. So close to finally having an unbreakable weapon.

Can someone explain to me how I've found all 120 shrines and yet have only completed 40 out of 42 shrine quests? some other obstacle

Eastern Abbey. I only opened this as I am almost through the game minus calamity ganon, 100 koroks, and just a few shrines. Misae Suma - Is actually a bit further right on the map to the next closest rock formation. I spent a couple hours yesterday just exploring and hunting for shrines. Game is massive. Thanks for breaking it down! I guess this is good for those who care about hundred percenting stuff. @Steve_Bowling One of the shrine on the map is outside the Great Plateau (number 1), which is actually part of the Dueling Peaks area (at the Proxim Bridge, which you can see on the Dueling Peaks map). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Great Plateau Shrine Locations. This article should really be credited to Steve.

The big constellation image on the far back wall contains multiple constellations. I went one by one counting and I'm still missing one shrine.

One small comment - Bareeda Naag shrine was closer to 12:30 PM for me, and I was able to activate it by simply setting a camp fire on the platform, rather than using a torch.

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